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Truffles hunting

Duration: 5 Hours
The area around Acqualagna (in the north of Le Marche), you can easily name the place to be for the Marchigianian truffle. You easily spend a whole day on this precious product.

In the morning you visit a truffle processing company, where everything is told about the truffle and shows which products it processes. With a bit of luck, a truffle hunter comes along with his harvest.

The different truffle products you can taste in a shop in the historic center with all kinds of snacks, you immediately had an aperitif!
A gourmet dinner in one of the truffle restaurants should not be missed. But the icing on the cake is of course hunting the truffles themselves.
For this you come to a truffle hunter who first chooses his dog that he can hunt with, because he owns several truffle dogs.
Once he has put together the hunting team, you go on a truffle domain. The truffle dog will immediately shoot away at the first truffle smells and mark the spot.
Now the trick is to dig up the truffle before the dog will damage it or eat it itself.
In the meantime you get to know all the secrets about the truffles, the truffle dogs and the hunt itself.
A fun and interesting experience for young and old.

This activity can be booked throughout the year, as there are always truffles in Le Marche. You can also choose for half a day.

All our activities & workshops can only be booked by guests staying at our Girandola.

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Important information
  • visit to the factory where truffles are processed
  • walking with the truffelhunter and his dog through the forest looking for truffles
  • truffeltasting, appetizers with truffles and beverage

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