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Pasta workshop

Duration: 4 Hours
Our grandmothers baked their own bread, as were the Marchigianian nonne making every day their fresh pasta.

Many ingredients are not needed for this: water, flour, eggs, salt and some water.

Always want to make pasta yourself? Then there is no better teacher than an Italian mom.
Carla owns a small agricultural company at Staffolo, where she grows vegetables and wheat.
She takes the grain to an old mill to obtain wheat flour for bread and pasta. Moreover, she possesses a broad knowledge about the wild plants and herbs in the neighborhood.

Together with the guests she prepares the pasta dough. The sauce is made with the vegetables or wild plants from her garden.
The workshop ends with a meal where the pasta is served that was made together. Sometimes Carla provides a salad of wild plants and edible flowers, or delicious homemade ice cream. Everything is served in an idyllic place!
For those interested, there may be a walk with explanations about the wild plants and herbs in her domain.

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Important information
  • the course pasta-making.
  • communal meal at the end.

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